10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work Out Regularly

Jul 03, 2020

Being motivated is just a state of mind where you feel positive and have the will to do anything. But to bring the motivation to work out is even more challenging as to feel positive, one has to put themselves through the grinder. If motivated enough, you can do absolutely anything that you wish to. But when it comes to working out, you might just need some motivation from us.

The motivation for working out is hard because the mind adjusts to the fact that working out is a long and tedious process and longer durations bring in less motivation. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. We ensure that by the end of this article, you will have clarity on how to approach things and have a clear mindset and motivation to hit your workout sessions. So let’s take a look at what can help in maintaining that encouragement:

Dress up for the occasion:

The right clothes have the ability to set you in the mood for whatever you’re doing: Attending an interview? Wear smart formals, and the confidence level increases. Wear sports shoes, and you get the sudden urge to run and jump.

So, get your workout outfit right. Something comfortable and stretchy to wear, fitting shoes to run, a towel to help you dry off, a water bottle by the side to always keep you hydrated, your mobile and earphones, so you have your background music every time you run on a treadmill like a superhero.

Keep a gym kit bag around you when the need arises. And if demotivated to work out, take that one small step to dress up to workout, and see the mood and energy levels just lift. It works every time. Try it!

Group Classes:

Human beings are bound to follow a chain reaction. Remember the last stage performance you attended? You clapped with the people even when you did not want to. Just because others were doing it, you were also motivated to do so.

Doing anything as a group is a lot more fun and effective than doing it alone. The other thing is the element of competitiveness and peer pressure that can work out positively in your favour. Just working out in a group of 5, and seeing a friend of yours push himself harder and get amazing results, will motivate you to take that one extra step.

This will also prevent you from procrastinating as there will be an entire group to push you to join them in working out. Even if you don’t feel like getting up from the bed, the group pressure will eventually make you get out of it and sweat it out.

Yet another reason having company while working out works well is that if you start together, you relate to each other’s pains and problems well, and can help each other sort it out. Also, the group synergy while working out becomes so high, that the mere thought of working out puts you in a happy and positive state of mind.

Reward Yourself:

‘No Pain, No Gain.’ This is a concept closely associated with gyms and workouts. But it’s not entirely true. Rewarding yourself after a specific interval of sweating out can have a positive effect on your mind. And if the reward is significant enough, the mere thought of it will make your push yourself harder.

The rewards can be anything. A cheat day after 3 to 4 weeks of intense workout or a week-long trip after sweating out for three months, or that one party or event in a few days for which you have been trying to get in shape. Just love yourself, and reward yourself now and then!

Remind yourself why you started:

The clichéd saying of ‘when you feel like quitting, remind yourself why you started’ is tailor-made for people who work out. Everyone begins with high energy and enthusiasm, but slowly and surely, the motivation goes, and the enthusiasm dies. Peek into a gym, and you can see a crowd on New Year’s Day, or people taking a strong resolution to work out on their birthdays, but the spark dies in a few days.

So what exactly happens here, why do people begin so energetically? The answer to this question is your big motivation. You may have made a promise to a loved one to shed those extra kilos or a promise to yourself that you will get into shape and gain weight on your next birthday. So next time you think of quitting, just remember the day you started and the reason you did. You will see your past self push you to workout.

Have a Trainer to Guide You:

In this path of getting and staying fit, having a trainer by the side will help you immensely. A trainer listens to your expectations and helps you get clarity on them. They help you chart out a path you need to follow to get there and motivate you throughout the way till you reach your goals.

So having someone who is already into workout and training to guide you, will go a long way in shaping you up for your better future.

Get an active furry friend:

A dog has its routine, which, unlike human workouts, cannot be ignored. Unless they are taken out for a walk regularly at a fixed time, you will end up with “accidents” at home. Avoiding that will definitely motivate you to get up and get out of the house, the first and the most difficult step.

The joy that the furry friend will get while running outside will motivate you to stay out longer and work out for those five extra minutes it takes little Marley to run around the block. So your work out motivation can be found at your nearest adoption center!

Make your own time-lapse:

Let us just admit it; one has always wanted to do those time-lapse videos after coming across those fabulous ones going around. So, motivate yourself with the thought of the beautiful end result of a time-lapse video.

You can capture anything from your own progress, even the minute progress which is usually missed. So it will be a great way to document your own progress motivating you to work even harder. You can also capture the rising or setting sun every day during all seasons. The latter forces you to get out of the house at the same time, be it rain or shine. Its gives you something to look forward to doing every day apart from just thinking about how you have to work out. Apart from acting as a motivation for your work out, it also wakes up the artist in you.

Pay for your workouts:

One thing that definitely motivates people is making full use of the fee that they are paying with their hard-earned money. So go enrol yourself in some work out sessions that you have to pay to attend.

It can be a subscription to the Gym, Zumba classes, CrossFit etc. Something that charges you an amount. Every morning when you wake up unmotivated to work out, the brain will surely scream at you about the amount you are paying and not utilizing by wanting to skip. Would you take a pay cut for a service or product and not use it? It’s the same! Another motivator is that you can assign a certain amount to your friend for you to be “won” every time you finish a workout. Terms and conditions apply obviously. Also, find a trustworthy friend.

Follow an audiobook routine:

If you’re a bibliophile, then this work out motivation hack is just for you. Remember being so miffed when you could not finish the book you were reading? Or when some of the pages were missing? Truly infuriating and made you go on the web and look for conclusions asap! Why not use that motivator for working out?

Start listening to an audiobook while you work out, preferably mystery genre. The condition is that the only time you can listen to it is time you work out. If you are a just “one more page” kind of a person your workout is automatically extended. Wouldn't you want to know who the murderer is? Does the protagonist gets killed? Instead of waking up with the dreaded thought of working out, you will be awakened with the curiosity of what happens next.

Document your progress:

There is no greater motivator than something showing you your progress, showing how far you had come from when you started. The numbers, figures or diagrams of how you are doing better than yesterday.

So document your workout to see the progress, be it counting the number of steps, the area that you covered, the number of sit-ups or push-ups you did. Download one of those fitness apps and track your workouts. Motivate yourself to go further or better than yesterday.


As mentioned before, motivation is just a mindset, and you can feel positively just changing the way you think. Working out, even though a tiresome process, is rewarding. It keeps you healthy both physically and mentally, and also keeps your immunity stronger. So next time you feel demotivated, just imagine a healthier version of yourself trying to reach out to you, and see the energy come back in so quickly.

Right now, the trend of home workouts has grown immensely, and if you feel unmotivated to go to the gym, a few apps can be very helpful. WorkoutParty! is an app that motivates you to workout at the comfort of your home. Here, you can connect with two trainers, a digital trainer and a Prol trainer. Where a digital trainer shows you the drills, a Pro trainer will connect with you and give personal attention to the way you workout, correct you whenever required, and motivate you while at it. This helps you connect with people who are into home workouts so you can do it together with a group and feel energized. In the end, you get personalized feedback from your trainer and all the advice you need to be better.

So, put on that happy face and start your workout out routine today!

WorkoutParty! Workout anytime, anywhere

Ananth Narayanan

Hi, I am a Startup Cofounder and a Sales Ninja who occasionally writes blogs. I am a fan of Steve Jobs and MS Dhoni.

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