How To Ace Your Home Workout

Homeworkouts Jul 14, 2020

Working out from home but not achieving your desired results? Not to worry. It happens to us all. The truth is, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Your progress ultimately comes down to a combination of factors. This may include the consistency, frequency, and intensity of your workouts, or even your eating habits, just to name a few. However, here are some simple rules you can follow to get the best from your home workouts.

Do More Compound Exercises:

These are exercises that work a lot of muscle groups to cause movement bringing in compound results and who wouldn’t want that. To build muscle, we need to first lower our body fat which is present all over, so say hello to compound exercises. We do want to focus on our upper body, but the whole body is connected. So, we start with loosening up our muscles with some compound exercises. Compound movements are good as they use a lot of muscle groups at the same time. Strengthening certain parts should definitely be done, but before that, we need to bring in the coordination of muscles. So get started with lunges, deadlifts, squats, or bench presses-take your pick.

Make sure to push your limits in at least one of your sets:

As discussed above, we are trying to increase endurance, so it is necessary to tire out the muscles. Everyone dislikes tiring themselves out and inviting fatigue, but that’s how we improve our strength. We have the choice to pick our favorite set and do it till we are fatigued. That is the only way the muscle will build strength to endure more next time. It is otherwise known as a muscular failure, and it happens when your muscles are not able to do a rep fully even if the earlier ten were done easily. It's the most important step for motor unit recruitment that builds muscle. So come on, give it that just one last push.

Keep a target and ensure progress overload:

Do not stop where you get comfortable or a certain level of achievement. You might have initially found it difficult to lift even 2kg dumbbells. But now you can do 12 repetitions of a 2kg dumbbell without even breaking a sweat. You might look at it as progress and stop there, but that will also stop your further progress. For the muscle to improve or the body to get stronger, it needs to be pushed just a little beyond what it finds comfortable. Keep pushing on, bring in that muscle fatigue. It will act as a motivator as well as progress when you realize how long it takes for your muscles to fatigue from when you started. So keep on making your workouts just a little bit difficult over time.

Keep your breaks short:

It is going to be very tempting to convince yourself that you are fatigued and deserve a break, but one has to curb that desire. Think about the awesome body you will have to flaunt if you keep working out or the heavy meal you can enjoy without any guilt. Take a break if you wish to but set a timer like how one does for sets. Breaks are essential, but they are like cheats, sweet but have to be kept to a minimum. If you can’t find the motivation to start after a break, count 1...2...3… raise and start one of your sets. Keep the breaks short and the sets longer.

Bring in variation:

Variation is important to stop adaptive resistance. Adaptive resistance happens when one does an exercise for so long that it no longer puts stress on the muscle being used, resulting in no progress. When there are variations in exercising, different muscle groups are worked, which gives the non-active muscles a brief period to rebuild avoiding stress injuries. It is also beneficial for psychological reasons, and the mind is where half the battle is fought. Doing the same thing every day can become boring, and the only way to keep yourself motivated is to add some variation. Bring in some motivation by making your brain look forward to the new exercise you plan on trying.


There is not much danger of equipment related injury or trouble of going to the gym when one works out at home. The results may not come as fast as it comes for a gym-goer or someone who uses heavyweights, but it will definitely be there if the rules are followed diligently. These rules are not just to get to that perfect body but are also to maintain it when you achieve it. Muscle strength after being achieved has to be worked on to be maintained, and these rules help us do just that.

We can work out without gyms and the equipment, but unfortunately, the rules are essential. They are just like the stepping stones to getting over the lazy and get to that perfect body workout. Also, the more steps you climb, the more exercise you do, the closer you get to your goal.

Ananth Narayanan

Hi, I am a Startup Cofounder and a Sales Ninja who occasionally writes blogs. I am a fan of Steve Jobs and MS Dhoni.

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