Build a Strong Upper Body at Home without any Equipment

Homeworkouts Jul 06, 2020

When you think about upper body exercises, you picture bench presses, shoulder flys , lat pulldowns and maybe even bicep curls. Exercises that all require gym equipment or at the very least, a set of dumbbells. What if we told you, you could easily get an awesome upper body workout at home using just your bodyweight? Intrigued? Read on as our WorkoutParty! fitness experts share their recommendations on a well-rounded upper body workout you can do at home.

A quick tip before we get started - To maximize the benefits from this workout, make sure you give everything you got to each exercise and be sure to focus on maintaining proper form all the way through.

Chest Exercise (3 sets of 10 reps)

●     Regular Push-Ups:One of the most basic routines wherein you have to get to a prone position and lower and raise your body repetitively.

●     Plyometrics:A more explosive version of push-ups where you require two mini platforms on either side. Keep your hands on them in the same prone position, lower your body, and then immediately rebound to a push-up.

●     Claps:A favourite with WorkoutParty app and of our Trainer Andrew Tang. It’s just another regular push up, but after you lower your body and go for the push-up, you clap your hands mid-air in a snap.

Shoulder Exercise (3 sets of 10 reps)

●     Incline Push-Ups:This version of a push up helps the core shoulder muscles in a great way. Here, you do the push-ups in your own regular way, but at a certain height and an angle. While working out at home, you can take the support of your sofa, or a table while doing it.

●     Pike Push-ups:In Pike Push-Ups, you bend your back more than usual before you lower your body. The position that is formed is that of a proper curve, that puts good pressure on your back and shoulder.

Back Exercise (3 sets of 10 reps)

●     Superman:A perfect and simple exercise that will help your back muscles. Just lay face down, raise your arms and legs a few inches off the ground, be in the same position for 5 seconds, and then return to the starting position.

●     Plank with Sidewalk:A normal plan but with the condition that you walk sideways while in the potion. Here, you lie face down and raise your body to form a curve position. Then in the same position, use your arms and palms to walk sideways, putting pressure on your back.

Arm Exercises (3 sets of 10 reps)

●     Biceps - plank with shoulder tap:Come in the raised push-ups position and stay there throughout the exercise. And while at it, just tap your shoulders with one hand at a time.

●     Triceps - Dips:With the support of an object, i.e. chair, table, etc., stand in front of it with arms alone on the object. Then with the body being in front of it, dip lightly without touching the ground.

Core (3 sets of 10 reps)

●     Inch Worm - Trainer Faddy’s recommendation:Stand straight and bend down by keeping both your arms as close to your legs as possible. Then slowly, by keeping your legs fixed in a position, move your body with your arms going forward, slowly coming to a push-up position. Repeat this by moving back to the same position you began with.

●     Burpees:This intense form of workout begins with going to the push-up position first, then raising your hips and standing up straight and immediately going for a jump with your arms raised. This is followed by coming to the same position and repeating the routine.

These bodyweight training or home workouts with lightweight dumbbells might not provide the exact stimulus for muscle growth as lifting heavy weights; it is still a very effective method. It is the best kind of workout for beginners, people who are injured, or someone who is just cautious about an injury happening.


And that concludes it! We hope you guys had a great upper body workout! Repeat this workout 1-2 times a week consistently and a strong upper body is soon within your reach. For a complete full body workout, do look out for our next post where we zone in on the lower body.

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